Thursday, July 26, 2012

2NE1 First Look Magazine

2NE1 First Look Magazine

Kim Tae Hee Profile

Kim Tae Hee is an actress who comes from Busan, South Korea. Kim began her career in entertainment as a model in television advertising. Kim emerged as a star when she was cast as the evil stepsister in the TV series Stairway to Heaven. 30-year-old beautiful woman has had several television projects such as Forbidden Love and Love Story In Harvard. Both series received very good response. Because of her acting in the TV series Forbidden Love, Kim was named the best female artist.

Members fame Girl's Generation (SNSD)

SNSD is popular worldwide and fans from Korea and Japan have chosen their favorite SNSD member, look at the list below to rank the popularity of SNSD members.

-Ranked most popular in Korea
1. Kim Taeyeon
2. Im Yoon-Ah
3. Seo Joo Hyun
4. Jessica Jung
5. Tiffany Hwang
6. Kwon Yuri
7. Choi Sooyoung
8. Lee Sunkyu
9. Kim Hyoyeon

Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba and Samsung release surf boards with Windows RT

Microsoft's tough demands on manufacturers involves only four actors will introduce the surf boards with Windows RT in 2012. The rest are forced to wait until early next year. In addition to Microsoft's Tablet Surface is silent on future devices with Windows RT, although a number of partner manufacturers will be on the track and prepare products using Windows for ARM. Now it appears that Microsoft keeps manufacturers under heavy review in order to focus development resources on a smaller number of tablets.

Nvidia publishes Graphic demo: A New Dawn

The owner of a graphics card from generation Kepler can now download video demo A New Dawn and look at everything from tesselerade hairs to physics accelerated animations. While game developers are busy with getting the latest titles to work with so many different computer systems as possible, Nvidia's programmers go the whole hog and exclude all but the very latest. In the upcoming graphic demo: A New Dawn demonstrated the potential of architecture Kepler.

Core i7-3970X in the offing - takes Sandy Bridge-E to 4.0 Ghz

While Ivy Bridge takes care of the consumer market, Intel plans to launch a new flagship Core i7 3900 series, which can step up to the milestone of 4.0 GHz. Although the family Sandy Bridge-E is one of the most expensive processor on the market today have model series have been overlooked, largely because of the cheaper and more power-efficient newcomers Ivy Bridge with 22 nanometer manufacturing technology. The platform LGA 2011 is not forgotten.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lyrics: Wonder Girls - Like This (English/Romanization)

Wonder Girls - Like This Lyrics (English) 

Like this yo Like this
Shake it up shake it down Like this,
Like this yo Like this
To the left to the right Like this
Like this yo Like this
Make ya body do the wave Like this
Like this yo Like this
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